Friday, November 22, 2013


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Monday, October 8, 2012

Amy - Number76 @ MV Branch

This post suppose to post on September 27th 2012, but dued to my busy schedule (and chasing my previous posts) so abit late for this... but anyhow, here is my promise for the update~!!

Amy, familiar with her name?! If you are Cheesie's or Hannah's (One of the famous blogger and One of the famous celeb in Malaysia)readers or fans... u should know her as her name "AMY" , as her name keeps on appearing in their blog and facebook or so~ (Oh~ "for sure" MINE TOO!!!) Her name keep appearing in my blog too~ if you don't pls [click in my Number76 category and see it] ♪d(´▽`)b♪

Amy worked in the "MV Branch" for 2 months, this is the first time i visited her here... Nothing different, she is still the same~ friendly and kind...(omg~ i feel like i am promoting her too much...)And i almost forgot, i m here to write about my HAIR post instead of AMY!! :P~ lol lol...

Whenever i visit Number76, is because i wanted to do something NEW to my hair AND as i told you, they will always surprise me and never let me down~~~!!!So let's start my visiting~ \(○^ω^○)/

1# Before~ My orangy hair~ ;P

2# On the way~ Guess what color it will turn out?!

3# (Can u see who is helping me to wash and massage my hair?!?!?!?)THE HEAVEN OF MASSAGE EVER!!!! AMY NG!!!! She is really really really good in it...but now she don't really help people to wash and massage, so now u know how LUCKY m i?!?!?!? (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

4# Ombre's hair girl help me to dry my hair~(forget to ask about her name ><") kekekeke....

5# Nais or not?!?!!? Is actually ash color but the light makes it like orangy~ kekeke...

6# OH!!! My undergrowth fringe become long!!!! Finally!!!!!

7# Front view~ Nais not?!?! is this color is this color that i wanted for so long!!!!!(^∀^)

8# Waiting for Amy... Guess what?! I miss Deji-chan (T^T) [Amy can read my mind!lol lol...inside joke of me and Amy((●≧艸≦)]

OK NOW....

9# DONE!!!!!\(^○^)人(^○^)/

Ya~ Nothing wrong with your eyes~ lol lol... is that amazing that my hair can be like this shining and nice... the most amazing is so "LONG" in one second?! bahahahahaha.... the story begin....

10# Bigbang (his nick :D.. real name is *JEREMY* "love his name to the max!!!! lol ) is behind me, preparing of my transforming!!(*ノ∀`*)ノ

11# Amy is here!!!! Hair transform STARTED!!! (See how serious she is?! So pro!!!!)

12# This is how they do it~ slowly... one by one~(*^_^*)

13# 1st batch finishing~ma lovely hair extension!!!

14# Can u see the different between my original hair and the extension?!▼ω▼

15# Doing for like half an hour now~ ( i asked her to stop and let me capture... a pro stylist! XD)

16# Going to be finish soon...

17# Going to be end soon... (Look Amy is so serious~ kekeke... don't let her face to scared u~ she just take her job seriously, and very pro when come to work~ but she is still very nice and friendly ;) ) [ can see the biscuit packet there, is because I M TOO HUNGRY~ and thanks for the mentos steven~ ;)]
AGAIN!!! Ma Before and After!!!!

18# Before*

19# After******* (What do u think?!?!?!I shoooo love it!!!!!)

20# As usual, must leave a photo with Number76 to prove that i m HERE!!! lol :P~

bilibilibili bilibilibili bilibilibili......

21# On the way for my appointment after 3 hours~ what do u think?! Do you like my new hair?!o(^-^)o

22# At home loo... the hair still remain.. but the curl become more natural now right?! 

Wanna know the next day how it become?!?!?!???

23# Is even more natural~~~~~ (○゚ε^○)

24# U can see how happy m i!!! I really love this hair alot alot and ALOT!!!!!

OK, this post is one of the MOST DETAIL post of mine... thank you for spending your time to read such a long post~ But is very worth to read isn't it :P~~~ lol lol...

Now, please go to find AMY ~!! :D :D :D~~~!!

GOSH!!! FINALLY I CAN POST BACK MY PHOTO IN INSTAGRAM!!! Do u know what?! Due to i haven't post this, i can't upload my photos on instagram~ as i wanna keep it as a secret first before i post~ kekekekeke...

Oh, ONE MORE THING, I donno who but "THANKS", thanks to my readers who called Amy and tell her that they saw my blog and make the hair appointment~ (So, have u been there yet?! whoever they are, Amy is good right?? Cute right?!?!?! Friendly right?!?!!?! XD XD XD )But anyway, Amy changed to MV Branch now~ u can call her at Number76 MV Branch number as below (o≧▽゚)oニ

Make your appointment today by giving a call to Number76 : -
(Mont Kiara) E-OG-02,Block E ,Plaza Mont'Kiara ,2 Jalan Kiara ,KL
Tel:+6 03 62035111
(Mid Valley) A-G-2,Ground Floor ,North Point Mid Valley City,KL
Tel:+6 03 22870661

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chasing post like crazy again!!!!

ε=ε=ε=ε=\(;´□`)/ run run run~~~~ it has been 3 months again~~~~ stupid me keep on busy until now can sit down to do ma blog~ (ya ya, is my excuses)

Anyway if u want u can read the blog BELOW!!! lol lol... thank you so muchy for waiting me to come back my readers!!!! I LOVE U ALL!!!! DING DONG!!!! DO U MISS ME?! hehehe ~~~~


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out of sudden thought of this~~

Well, nowadays i feel that girls *Without makeup* is kinda rare to find right?! I still remember(forgot where i read)an article is sooooo right!!! There is a line noted there which is :- "Guys always said that they don't really like girls to makeup. Well, it doesn't mean they don't like pretty girls, but they just looking for some girls who don't even need to makeup, they still look pretty~~~~)

Here is some of "MINE" without makeup photos... some say "yes" some say "no", but no matter yes or not, love yourself for who you are~ dare to post dare to judge by people :) So, COMMON GIRLS! Let's ROCK the trend!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD

1# Took this when i just woke up~ (no lens~ REALLY NOTHING!!! Clean and clear~)

2# I think u saw it before if u r my readers~ (this is before my hair photoshoot)

3# Forgot when...but also one fine lazy morning~

4# I donno why, I like this photo alot, even is without makeup~ ><" lol lol...

Dear all the girls out there, not afraid to show who you are~ you r just special and lovely for who you are~ So, just be yourself... the comfortable one.... ;))

Monday, August 27, 2012

Visiting Number76

I m good girl~ This month i didn't do my hair, coz let my hair to rest for... a few weeks?!!?!? bahahahahhaa~ Actually, I forgot when did i visited there...soweee.... =.="

But anyway here are the photos~

2nd time in Mid Valley Branch, but didn't do anything, just to visit because my Ju is here~~!!!v(@^*^)v

1# YA~~~!! i m visiting her while she is having her hairdo here~ My JUUUU!!!!! kekekekeke....  
 2# Isn't she cute?!
3# Camwhore with her~ Step 1
4# Camwhore with Ju~ Step 2
 5# I DONNO WHY I WILL SEE HIM IN MV BRANCH ALSO!! bahahaha... what a coincident ma Deji-chan~ (Finally he gave me a tricky look~!!!i like it like it like it!!(^-^)v(>ω<)v(^▽^)v)
6# LOVE RAYRAY's HAIR!!!!!!! So cute!! like unicorn~~!!! Ju like a doll~~~but for me?! er.....

7# RayRay's hair is EPIC!!! nice nice nice!!!!!

Thanks to RayRay, now i m thinking to go for the flowery's hair for SEPTEMBER~~!!! =.=" 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday~!!!! Not a blog post!!! Sekian o^冂^o♪゛

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July Mina Released!!!!!

A short post~ July Mina Magazine Updated!!! :P

1# All of the models for the fashion shoot~ and yes!! i m the most "ZUOZUO"(FAKE) one!! thx!!!! (≧∇≦)
 2# er, i think i m .....
 3# same?!?!lol lol lol...
 4# Ombre green hair!! I miss u~!!!!!! :((
6# All pretty babes~!!
7# With the editors!!!
8# WORK END!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nail art~!!!!!

As a girl, we are not only have to care about our outfit, hair or makeup... but also sometimes have to pampered yourself to do the medi and pedicure~
 1# So, i went to do my nails with Ah Si~~!! awww.. i really love it~ isn't it lovely?! i chose it myself~ which one u like the most?! kekekeke...
 2# Mine one is on the left, Ah Si one is on the right~ (Ah Si's meow meow so cute!!!)  
3# oooolala~~~ What do u think?! i like ALL~~~!!!! The next day~  
4# when i woke up~ XD XD XD XD sorreh~~~ I Just love my nails!!!!! :D :D :D :D